A building site at night. The site is next to a river.

Rotherham has transformed itself over the last decade and is playing a major role at the forefront of Yorkshire’s resurgence. It has a proud industrial heritage, but is now building a new future with exciting new jobs, investment and housing.

Home to over 260,000 people and situated in South Yorkshire, the Borough comprises the minster town of Rotherham itself and a further 100 square miles of smaller towns, attractive villages and rolling countryside.

Rotherham Town Centre

Work is underway to revitalise the town centre, with a large focus on leisure, culture, events, recreation, and improved open spaces.

The town centre will be a vibrant, diverse, and thriving place, where people will bring their families, and come together to socialise, live and work.

To find out more about plans for the Town Centre please visit www.rotherhamtowncentre.co.uk.